TAP Highlights Threat of Piracy at Regional Forum

At the annual International Institute of Communications Telecommunications and Media Forum in Miami, where top media business leaders and regulators from around the region gathered to discuss the latest trends and issues facing the industry, TAP Chairman Gustavo Pupo-Mayo brought to the forefront the existential threat that online piracy represents for all involved in the content value chain.

Speaking alongside fellow panelists Ricardo Sheffield, General Prosecutor of the Federal Consumer Agency (PROFECO) of Mexico; Héctor Huici, ICT Secretary of the Secretariat of Modernization of Argentina; María Dolores Souza, Head of Research at the Consejo Nacional de Televisión (CNTV) of Chile; and Ernesto P Orozco, National Television Authority (ANTV) Board Member of Colombia and Vice President of the Platform of Regulators of the Audiovisual Sector of Ibero-America (PRAI), Pupo-Mayo exposed the regulatory and legal challenges that this issue poses.

Holding an IPTV box used to steal both linear and VOD content from Brazilian feeds, Pupo-Mayo described how criminal networks are able to monetize these so-called black boxes with a very low risk of facing any type of repercussion. Making matters more complicated, according to Pupo-Mayo, is the fact that soon this type of tangible device might become obsolete. Building on the theme of the panel – the Future of Content in a Post-Convergence World – the trade association Chairman pointed to the smartphone as the next vehicle for mass content theft.

Clearly, says Pupo-Mayo, a problem of this dimension does not have one easy fix, but TAP and its allies continue to advocate for site blocking as the – currently – most effective regulatory means to curbing the detrimental effects of this criminal activity.

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